May 11 2018

I tried pressing the power button, replug the power core but nth happened. Any advice were to get it at decent price? After coming back, my labtop shit down with just the led light beside the power cord light up. I assume this is not LCD related issue. By the way, take a closer look at the damaged motherboard. I have a dv-5 and the screen has gone black. I have tried new memory modules and the same things happens.

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This is very high temperature.

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Hey man, thanks a ton! Thanks for the advice of first trying to remove the dust. Alf, I have the hp pavilion dv5-1159se same problem, blinking leds, CPU problem according to HP, only, if I turn on and psvilion the laptop some 60 or 70 times, it suddenly starts paivlion works great, as long as I dont suspend, reboot or turn it off.

Except for some dusty heat sink, no other visible problems seen. Bad connection between the keyboard ribbon hp pavilion dv5-1159se and motherboard. The screw seems to be approximately under the w key.

How to take apart HP Pavilion dv5

Some time taping back side of LCD or moving the screen backward resolve the issue temporarily. This is for 90 watt AC adapters. After videos is the hp pavilion dv5-1159se of HP laptop models we service every day. Thanks so much for this great tutorial.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Thank you for posting a visual on how to disassemble an HP laptop. Hello from Greece, My problem is hp pavilion dv5-1159se with the power adaptor plugged the light beside the plug comes on but nothing else happens.

It only occurs when it gets hot, or I jerk my laptop a little bit like if its on my lap and I get up off hp pavilion dv5-1159se bed or something. Now it does load but it takes longer than usual for it to get past the loading bar.

Could there be a problem with the CCFL bulb? Will this guide work for DV5 tu.

Hp pavilion dv5-1159se finally got fed up with the noisy fan in hp pavilion dv5-1159se dv5 and bought a replacement, but nowhere online could I find clear instructions as to how to pull the old one out.

I cleaned everything while I had it apart. I also tried resetting the cmos by removing the button cell. After taking it apart, I cleaned the clogged fan and replaced the processor. Take a very small flat head screwdriver and insert it between the battery and white housing. Dv5-1159ae you show how to replace video card please? Compatible models coming soon.

We are located in Denver Colorado and are committed hp pavilion dv5-1159se the satisfaction of our customers since Repair Shop Bulk Lots. Just loved this guide. Hi, I have dv5 se, and after installing a hp pavilion dv5-1159se, it powers on and never bootsI have windows seven on my hard drive but never boots neither from dvd or usb.

Thanks you so much, All steps are very well explained. D Emachines Hp pavilion dv5-1159se Series: The keyboard had to be slightly pushed front towards the screen before one could lift it, since it had a sort of safety catch below it, holding it in place. NOW I am having a problem with the screen. Compaq Presario V Series: Thanks for any help and thanks for the nice tutoriel. I took apart my laptop to clean it and when I put it back together everything works apart from the screen.

Trying the hard reset does not work. Make sure all pins inside the connector are straight.

Also, make sure the video cable on the back of the LCD screen is plugged correctly.